Hello my name is Mila and I am a painter.

I am specialised in  painting landscapes.

Why landscape’s because I love nature, it’s  displays incredible colours in all seasons, the smell and it’s sounds.  How time slows down, noises fade away and  the mind calms down…

My first step in painting was  acrylic about 20 years ago. The great thing about acrylic is that you can paint it on any material like paper wood, canvas  ….. whatever you have to hand. Acrylic can simply be changed by adding water and texture changes.

I usually paint in watercolours  because of the  translucent colours. What I like is the unpredictability and uncontrollable nature of watercolour, how it flows and  finding it’s own way and how a delicate painting appears….

Chinese and Japanese painting   grew. I was fascinated by the often dominant medium of black and browns. Themes such as bamboo, flowering plums and landscapes have my interest. I use the East meet West influence, I paint on European aquarel paper but use the Chinese painting technique’s and tools.

Sahara: man en kameel
Sahara: man en kameel